Car History Check – Car Vertical vs AutoDNA

These are my opinions of the car history check services Car Vertical & AutoDNA.

I put an Opel Vivaro van through both services, these are the differences I found and which service I think is best & why.


Car Vertical offers one type of car history report. AutoDNA offers a basic car history check and depending on the country, an additional country specific car history check.


The Car Vertical history check vs AutoDNA basic report

In short both history checks give the same type of information but the AutoDNA information is more granual/more specific, in short the AutoDNA is a better report.

Country Specific Report

Car Vertical does not offer a country specific report so AutoDNA wins here by default.

I used the AutoDNA check on an Opel Vivaro van that had been imported from Belgium. AutoDNA offers history reports for vehicles from Belgium so I purchased the additional Belgium report.

The country specific report adds some things which are nice to have but not essential.

But the one thing that was gold was the fact that it told me when the Vivaro’s last MOT in Belgium ran out and also what the mileage of the van was at the last inspection.

Knowing when the van was last used in Belgium and knowing the last recorded mileage in Belgium I could look at the Greek MOT history to see first, when the van was first put on the road in Greece and second, what the stated KMs were when this van was first used in Greece.

The good news for me was there was only a short time between the van leaving Belgium and it being registered in Greece which meant the van was standing idle for a long period of time.

The bad news was that the mileage on the first Greek MOT was a lot lower than the last mileage recorded in Belgium. The KMs were about 140,000 km less between the last MOT in Belgium and the first MOT in Greece. The mileage had been wound back.

I suspected the mileage was too little just looking at the condition of the van and the service history, the AutoDNA check confirmed my suspicions.

In short, the AutoDNA country specific car history report is much better than the Car Vertical report.

Summary – Car History Check Service

The basic AutoDNA car history report is better than the Car Vertical report.

The country specific report gives much more information than the Car Vertical report and is therefore much better.

Both reports from AutoDNA are superior to the CarVertical report, in my opinion, going from my experience of using both services for the Vivaro van mentioned above.

AutoDNA gets the DriveTune recommended badge.

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