Clutch discs from Sachs 1.8T clutch upgrade kit which uses VR6 parts

If you’ve been following along you’ll know the Octavia RS project has had a clutch issue (it slips like crazy in 3rd, 4th and 5th with anything more than a quarter throttle). This article gives me first impressions of a 1.8T clutch upgrade usings a Sachs VR6 clutch kit.

The service book for the car said it had been fitted with a G60 flywheel and VR6 clutch kit about 4 years ago (the go-to 1.8T clutch upgrade). In this video I have just replaced the cover plate and disc. These are my thoughts on the new Sachs VR6 1.8T clutch upgrade.

Clutch in the car was Valeo. And it was super worn out.

Forums say Valeo clutch not as strong as Sachs VR6 clutch which could explain the massive wear.

First impressions on the Sachs kit

  • Pedal – Super, super Light
  • Engagement – Quite abrupt
  • Feels like strong engagement ie will hold a lot of power.
  • Bit juddery, hoping that will go away when disc has bedded in

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