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Is this review I want to answer the question, is the Octavia RS MK1 a future classic and should you buy one?

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Who Will MK1 Octavia VRS/RS Appeal To?

Group 1 – Fans of the 1.8T

EVO Magazine said the Octavia RS MK1 was the best “sporting VW” when it was released. Which make the RS the best car to receive the 1.8T motor from the factory.

For fans of the 1.8T engine that want to taste it in the best OE chassis, the Octavia RS is the car.

Group 2 – Fans of Skoda RS/Skoda VRS

The MK1 Octavia RS was the first Skoda to wear the RS badge. It was released to coincide with Skoda’s entry into the WRC in 2000 with the Octavia.

If you want to experience the original Skoda RS/VRS, it has to be the MK1 Octavia RS

Group 3 – Old Skool Turbo

Well, not early 90’s Old Skool. The period between the mid nineties and mid two thousands “Old” Skool. This era was peak EVO and Impreza.

But if you wanted to something turbo charged in a sedan sized chassis and FWD what choice do you have (that’s connected to a decent chassis?) The only car that ticks the box that I can think of is the MK1 Octavia RS.

If you have the 4WD version ie EVO/STI and you want to taste a boosty, practical car, in 2wd flavour, or you simply can’t afford to buy a decent EVO or Impreza anymore (or put the fuel in one) the (only?) choice for entry into that club is the MK1 Octavia RS.

Group 4 – Best Cheap Hot Hatch

And despite the MK1 Octavia RS ticking so many boxes they are still cheap.

For those people looking for a cheap, practical, family sized, turbo’d, tuneable and well supported car in the aftermarket, again, what else is there but the MK1 Octavia 1.8T RS?

Octavia VRS ReviewIs it a Future Classic?

These 4 groups cover a huge number of people. Add in the car’s history, it’s uniqueness for the time and the modern-day popularity of the MK4 platform on which it’s based and the 1.8T engine, I have to say yes, no question.

Octavia RS Review – Should You Buy One?

If you’re a member of any of those four groups then obviously the RS has to be on at least your shortlist. At least on the shortlist.

If you’re not interested in the car’s history, if you’re not interested in experiencing one of the best turbo’d, FWD, turbocharged saloon/5 doors cars of that era, then no.

If you want a turbo’d engine, around 200bhp, in a sedan sized package and you just want to newest feeling car you can get for the least money then I think you have to look at the next generation, the MK2 Octavia RS. Generally speaking, that car still feels modern, it has big aftermarket support and is plenty practical. Sure, it can be pricier to fix if it goes wrong and arguably it’s more likely to go wrong, but if you have deeper pockets and you’re not interested in the pedigree, it probably makes more sense for you versus the MK1 Octavia RS.

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