This is the best phone holder for car that I have found.

A phone holder for car is a small thing but it’s important. This is what I look for in a phone holder and

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What makes the Best Phone Holder?


I hate mounting things to the windscreen for a number of reasons.

Windscreen mounting tends to put whatever you are mounting a distance away, this leads to having to have a big mount so it can bring the phone closer.

Mounting things on the windscreen also blocks the view. I know some people can tolerate an awful lot of dross hanging in front of their windscreen, reflecting of the windscreen or stuck to the windscreen. I am not one of these people.

I do not want anything blocking the view out. Zero.


I don’t want a big contraption stuck to the dash. I don’t want an unsightly frame sticking out. I don’t want to be digging holes in the dash. I don’t want to have to remove the phone holder when there is no phone in it.

In short I want something completely unobstrusive when and I am not using it, something I can leave on the dash with out being upset.


I don’t want to be scared of snapping anything when I am putting the phone in the holder or when I am using the phone.

I want to be able to swipe the screen with my finger without having to use my other hand to stop the phone from moving. The mount needs to hold the phone solid with little or no movement and without outside help.


It needs to be cheap. I have seen phone holders for car costing over ten pounds, I think that is completely excessive given the job it has got.

It has to cost less than five pounds and as little as possible.


I don’t want to have to keep replacing the phone holder every few months because something has broken or because something has worked it’s way loose or because something has lost it’s tension. The phone holder needs to be long lasting.


Related to being small but it also has to look good. I am not using the phone everytime I am in the car and when I am not using the phone holder I don’t want it to annoy me. The phone holder has to look good when it isn’t being used because it is going to be super obvious.


I want a phone holder that mounts easily. And that unmounts easily. I have tried phone and tablet holders that have intricate mechanisms with hooks and springs. These are a total disaster. They are difficult to mount, difficult to remove and they are not solid.

The phone holder that matches all of these requirements is this.

It’s made by a country called Ugreen in China and I can atest it is top quality. I have been using the phone holder for years now and the job it does today is as good as it did from day one.

You do not need to support the phone when you are swiping, mount is solid
Small, low profile, unobtrusive. No issue leaving it in the dash when I am not using the phone.
Huge range of adjustment, the sides open up to 82mm. Spring is strong but not so strong as you can’t open is with one hand (at least when you get used to it you can)
Super simple mounting. Fits in the dash vents, soft rubber, push it in and it stays. It is not going to pull off without a decent amount of twiddling. In short, it’s perfect.

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