Cold air feeds are sold as an accessory for intakes, sometimes they’re included with the induction kit and car manufacturers always use a cold air feed into the stock air box. The question I want to answer in this video is how much difference does a cold air feed make?

To find out I am going to compare the intake temps with the:

  • Stock airbox and with the stock cold air feed
  • Stock airbox without the cold air feed
  • Open filter without airbox and without cold air feed
  • Open filter without airbox and with cold air feed.

Summary – Cold Air Feeds

Cold air feeds do make a difference.

If you are using a sealed air filter box, stock or aftermarket, I’d say a cold air feed is essential.

If you are using an open filter in the engine bay eg a cone filter, I think I’d say it would be better to install heat-shields to isolate the filter from the heat of the engine bay. If this has already been done, then sure, a cold air feed into that enclosure should help as well.

If I had to choose between heat-shields and a cold air feed for an open filter, I’s choose to fit heat-shields.

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