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Are KYB Excel-G & lowering springs a good idea? Do they work together? Is it worth doing?

Lowering Spring Manufacturer

Ultimately this will come down to the recommendation of the lowering spring manufacturer but I think 95% of the time, for springs which lower by around 35mm, KYB Excel-G dampers will be fine.

My Experience – KYB Excel-G Lowering Springs

I have been using a set of KYB Excel-G with H&R lowering springs for around 3,000kms.


If you want the best handling performance I would recommend fitting the H&R lowering springs with good quality shocks/dampers like Bilstein B6,B8/Spax PSX. Yes these shocks cost over double the price of a set of stock replacement dampers but in my opinion they are easily worth the extra money. Getting on to coilover levels of stability with the comfort and civility of suspension designed for the road.


If you want to upgrade the stability of the car but comfort is still top of your list, then KYB Excel-G with lowering springs will be a big improvement, especially if the springs are old. And they will give stock levels of ride comfort.


This could just be my experience but when I changed lowering springs after 100,000km+ I kept the same dampers (which were working perfectly).

However after around 15,000kms two shock blew out.

I’m thinking because I changed the ride height and because the shocks had been working for so long at the same height, when the height changed, they started working in a different part of the damper and this caused them to start leaking.

In short – KYB Excel-G Lowering Springs

If the lowering spring manufacturer says stock shocks are okay with the specific springs you are looking at, then the Excel-G will be fine. Improvement in performance, stock levels of ride comfort

If you want the best performance possible while keeping the suspension sensible ie not coilovers, lowering springs with good quality sport shocks is the way to go.

For reliability, if the dampers on the car have a lot of KMs on them, say 50K+, I think I would fit new dampers when I fit the new lowering springs.

If you have an expensive set of sport dampers already on the car, it may just be worth keeping them and using them until/if they fail at the new ride height.

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