KYB Excel G

KYB Excel G review of front dampers that have been on the car for around 6 weeks at the time of writing. One thing to note about the KYB Excel G review, the car has the Excel G only on the front axle, the rear axle has Bilstein B8

Bilstein vs KYB. Is it dangerous to mix shocks?

How do I asses dampers? – Two criteria

Performance for the class

The Excel G dampers are a standard replacement damper. In my mind this means they have to be comfortable first and foremost. The more control/stability they can give while being comfortable the better. The perfect damper will be comfortable and give total control but the cost for a damper of this type does not fit into the category of “standard replacement damper”.

Which brings me on to the second criteria


Or the value the damper gives the buyer. A number of things go into assessing value. First of all is fitment, is the damper a direct bolt on? Or do adjustments need to be made because it wasn’t built correctly, or things have bent because the metal is not strong. Do the dampers meet the minimum expectations of quality for the price.

The Excel G are standard replacement dampers so they need to perform as least as well as the OE dampers and they need to cost no more than the OE dampers.

KYB Excel Review – How do they Score?


The Excel G are a comfortable damper. They perform as you would expect the OE dampers to perform. With regards to stability I think they offer the minimum you would expect. They do not exceed my expectations in this respect, they do not offer more stability than I would expect from an OE damper.


The Excel G are cheaper than the OE dampers from Ford. They are also around the same price as the other, equivalent dampers, perhaps slightly cheaper. They are a direct fit and seem to be made well.

Bringing it all together.

The Excel G perform as would expect. If you are looking for a sporty damper you need to buy a sporty damper, not the Excel G. I think for the average person who just looks at dampers as a distress purchase, the Excel G will give them everything they expect performance wise.

For more performance orientated drivers you are not getting a budget sport damper with the Excel G dampers.

For the driver buying dampers as a distress purchase, the price and quality of the Excel G will give them exactly what they want and expect and nothing more.

For the performance driver, to repeat, the price is low but do not expect to be getting a cut price sport damper with the Excel G.

The Excel G seem to have a clear remit. Give the distress purchase buying driver what they want and nothing more and for that the KYB Excel G hits the spot.

KYB Excel G Review – In Summary

I do not think the Excel G dampers can be criticised, they have been given a goal to achieve and I think they achieve that goal well. For those drivers who look at replacing the dampers as an opportunity to improve the performance of their car over the OEM dampers, the Excel G is not where it is at. You need to spend the extra money and get dampers that are designed for the performance driver.

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