This is a Michelin CrossClimate 2 review. I’ve had the tyre for 6 winter months this is how I found them.


In the snow, the CrossClimate 2 were by far the best tyres I have used. In cold and/or wet and/or icy and/or snowy conditions, the CrossClimate 2 exceeded my expectations (especially in the snow)

Wintry Michelin CrossClimate 2 Review. How does it perform on a snowy mountain pass

Cold & Dry

Before the CrossClimate 2 the car was wearing a set of Continental EcoContact 6 tyres. In cold, dry conditions the CrossClimate 2 were probably as good grip wise ie more the acceptable

Cold & Wet

One of the best tyres I’ve used in cold and wet and in any case, far superior to the EcoContact 6. By cold I mean less than 10 Celsius.


The trump part of this Michelin CrossClimate 2 review.

Snow performance is what sets these tyres apart from anything else I have tried. For an all season tyre, the performance is literally fantastic and far exceeded my expectations.

In the video, I was driving on the snow all the way up the mountain pass and the only time it struggled was on the steep hairpin turn and then on the steep dirt road at the end.

It was no surprise that the tyres struggled on these steep spots, what was a surprise, was that they made it up to these spots in the first place with little or no problem. Again, far exceeded my expectations


Without a shadow of a doubt, the biggest issue with the CrossClimate 2 is the ride comfort. These tyres are very, very stiff. Bordering on the unacceptable.

The hardness to the ride is not something that gradullay dawns on you after driving them for a few hundred kms. No. The hard ride makes itself apparent within the first 100m. And for the next 900 meters you are left asking yourself is something broken. How can the ride be so different.

Granted, I was coming from a set of EcoContact 6 tyres which are by far the most comfortable tyres I have ever used (along with the Premium Contact 5) so for sure that made the ride of the Michelins seem worse but even now, after 6 months, I still find the ride uncompromising.

Does it put me off the tyres?

No. I think the incredible winter & snow performance makes the ride forgivable.

How does the CrossClimate 2 perform in the winter?

Warmer Conditions

In dry conditions, 20 Celsius+ the jury is out. The summer is just starting here, if you want to see the Michelin CrossClimate 2 review for summer conditions, subscribe to the DriveTune YouTube channel

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