A Michelin CrossClimate 2 review in summer.

Summer review of the CrossClimate 2

You can see a general review of the CrossClimate2’s here and a snow review here.

Given the performance of these tyres so far, its no surprise that even in temperatures up to 36C, they perform very well. Sure, they are not as good as summer biased all season tyres like the EcoContact 6 but they are close, close enough that makes no difference to most drivers.

Braking performance is excellent, Acceleration traction is good. Cornerning limits are high and the tyres give plenty of notice when they get close to their limit.

All round they are a confidence inspiring tyre.


Again, be warned, the CrossClimate 2 are a very stiff tyre. I would say ride quality is right at the edge of what I would consider acceptable. If you are looking for a comfortable all season tyre that can perform well in the snow and ice, I would probably look elsewhere, unfortunately, I can’t recommend any tyres better than the CrossClimate 2.

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