H&R springs next to Mad lowering springs. VW MK4 platform, front.

This is Part 2 of the big turbo 1.8t project. In the Part 1 I detailed the problems with the suspension and how the first step to fix the suspension problems was going to be to fit H&R lowering springs.

The H&R lowering springs are now on the Octavia RS and the difference is amazing.

Before the Octavia was borderline undriveable on bumpy roads because of the crashiness of the suspension. With the H&R springs fitted the crashiness in the suspension has been almost completely eliminated. I can now feel the suspension working rather than it seeming to be resting on the bump stops.

There was also a problem with rubbing on the outer front fender, especially over long undulations at speed. The rubbing also seems to have gone.

Generally the car has suspension again.

Am I going to fit more suspension parts?

At the moment no. The H&R lowering springs have solved most of the problems. There is still banging over extreme bumps but at the moment the car drives satisfactorily. No longer is the suspension holding back my speed on a bumpy road.

Were the H&R Lowering Springs Worth It?

You can probably tell that absolutely they are.

Why was there such a big improvement?

New H&R lowering springs vs the springs that were on the car. The increased stiffness of the new springs are probably the key to the improved performance.

I have no idea how old the Mad springs on the car were. They may have been like this from the factory, they may have become fatigued over time. Either way, the underlying issue was weak springs and the new H&R springs are stiffer, they have also lifted the ride height slightly. These two things together have made the difference.

Should you fit H&R springs to your car?

The difference in this case is extreme. But personally I’d say if your springs have 100,000km, fitting new springs will probably give a boost to the handling and might even improve ride comfort.

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