I wanted to change the MAF sensor location on the Octavia VRS project. I also wanted to change the filter type to an OE type paper air filter. The changes had unexpected results.

This article is an introduction to the video (below) and to the FULL article which can be read on StrikeEngine here.

Why The Filter Change?

I wanted to change the filter solely because I prefer paper filters over performance air filters. Paper filters filter out more dirt to a smaller size and generally they take longer to get blocked. And the flow between a good paper air filter and a performance air filter is minimal. You can read a filter comparison test here.

The Bend Before the MAF Location

There was a 45 degree bend before the MAF sensor location. I had no evidence that this was a problem but I suspected it was less than ideal. OEMs generally put the MAF sensor in a straight pipe directly after the air filter. I deleted the bend and connected the MAF directly to the new paper air filter.

How the MAF sensor was located before the changes. Is it a problem? I also wanted to change the filter to an original paper type filter.

The video shows the differences that were made and the effect they had.

Read the full article at StrikeEngine. It includes the datalogs from the 3 different intake setups. The datalogs include AFRs & MAF sensor signal consistency.

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