The emblem/badge on the Octavia project was looking very tatty, so here is a video removing car emblems without scratching paint without taking too long.

Key Tips


Heating the glue/adhesive makes the process much easier. The trick is to not over heat/damage the paint and this is why I use a steamer and not a hot air gun. Realistically there is only so hot the steam can get and plus water also help the process.


It’s not going to be quick. Small steps is the key. Heat-cool-rub-heat-cool-rub.


Apart from the obvious steamer, the plastic trim removal tool is super important. They are stiff enough to lever while at the same time being soft enough not to bend the metal or scratch the metal (in my experience)

Removing Car Emblem – Summary

No rocket science here but as with everything, having the right tools for the job make the job so much easier and so much faster and give a better result.

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